Bank Street - Established in 1720, Kelly's Cellars was once a country pub on the edge of town. Today, engulfed by supermarkets and department stores, it's a reminder of how pubs used to be. But don't let its pretty red and cream exterior fool you: Kelly's is no slick Irish theme pub full of fake shamrocks and ersatz leprechaunery: Kelly's is the real thing. Kelly's is for drinking. An unpretentious drinking man's pub, Kelly's offers nothing to distract a man from his pint. The interior is plain but the customers are as coloured and diverse as Belfast can make them. In one part, a student studies a curious framed Latin copy of the Magna Carta, while elsewhere a pony -tailed bohemian begins to tune his guitar in preparation for a session of traditional airs and all the while coins and notes flutter across the low bar, while pints and shorts slide into eager fists and down thirsty throats. A constantly changing panorama of Belfast life. There's never a dull moment in Kelly's.