Queen's Square - Originally build more than 300 years ago, McHugh's provides a focal point for one of the most exciting areas of the City's regeneration. With the Customs House opposite and the Albert Clock to the east McHughs' imaginative and thoughtful restoration is the perfect complement. As the city's oldest building with a grade A listing this is a location with a rich and colourful past. Indeed it is strongly rumoured that an entrance in neighbouring Prince's Street led to a house of ill repute, popular with Edwardian shipowners. That same entrance today opens into a dramatic gallery where the handmade bricks of the original gable lead the eye to the full height of the building and to the massive 18th Century Oak trusses above. A restored ships boiler embedded into the wall keeps the area warm and cosy. With music in the basement bar, oriental fare in the restaurant and traditional pub grub and great pints served and three floors. McHughs is one of the best 'little' alehouses in Belfast.